[The video comes on as the sound of a breath of air releasing is heard. Whoever just got the device to function is obviously feeling somewhat accomplished by the act. At first it just shows ground and then deliberately it is lifted up so he can look directly into the lens, at least from a little distance.]

Is anyone out there to hear me? I am in need of assistance. Location is... unknown. I realise that sounds dumb but...

[He sighs softly, a shake of the head accompanying the sound, taking a moment to compose himself properly, before turning his attention to the device again.]

I will gain an idea shortly, in the meantime, it would be useful to know if I am the only one here or not... anyone receiving this message please respond.

[There's obviously plenty more he'd like to say and do but without knowing if anyones there or not, he decides to end the broadcast in the hope that someone will respond.]
[There's a kick of static and a few seconds of distortion before the video is in rapid movement, shifting around this way and that like someone was trying to do something with the stupid thing before it's righted and oh, hey look, there's Fang. Yup, she's facing the camera head on, first thing today instead of letting it's view linger other places like the previous times.]

'ey Serah, Light's out 'ere in Oerba with me. [Fang pauses, taking a glance over her shoulder briefly, almost like she just heard something.]

Made sure she patched 'erself up afta' gettin' out 'ere so don't worry 'bout that, yea? Seems like Sazh is around 'ere too. [Fang looks like she's about to say something else for a split second before the thought vanishes.]

Lemme know if ya see anyone else we know, eh? [Her tone's a bit more solemn for that sentence however, at least in comparison to the semi-light sounding tone she'd been taking for the previous quips.]

accidental video/voice

  • Feb. 27th, 2012 at 10:02 PM
[When the device clicks on, there's nothing but a blur of motion and color. It's obvious that the owner of said device doesn't know it's on, and is in the middle of a very intense battle. There's a flash of red and claws and a loud cry of pain.]

I am not your lunch!

[The view shifts violently suddenly and a loud crack of thunder is heard moments later. Then things grow silent, the owner of the device coming to a stop. She sighs and shifts walking away.]

Now, before something else tries to kill me.

Time to get crackin' Video/Voice

  • Feb. 27th, 2012 at 12:33 PM
[Apollo shows his face.]

Okay, we all got these fancy smancy phones now. We have a place, why don't we try to meet up and discuss what is going on? I keep seeing a shadow near the biggest building but I CANNOT FIND MY WAY AROUND THIS PLACE!

I'm not going crazy, I swear!


  • Feb. 27th, 2012 at 12:29 PM
[Shakes the hell out of his device!] Will you just work!

[Because he shook the device, you can hear his voice extremely loud.]

Does anyone know where I am? [He tries doing what others have been doing, showing off his location. He shows the Academia building.]

Someone is also confusing me for someone else...


  • Feb. 26th, 2012 at 12:21 AM
[The video clicks on and a hand is moving out of the frame again just like last time, it's not meant to go to any one person as Fang's only figured out how to do general broadcasting at this point. The video is aimed out into the 'village square' sort of area. You can see the windmill spinning easily in front/slightly to the right and off to the left is the other house. To the far right is the path that leads down to the old school house and docking areas. From what you can put together, it seems like someone's up pretty high up and if you've been there, you'll notice that the house where you found Bhakti in isn't in the shot. It's a pretty safe bet that Fang's sitting up on top of it considering the angle you're looking at everything from. (1:33 gives you a good look at the area). Once again, Fang keeps herself off screen, remaining out of the shot.]

Managed t'get quite a few out but Cie'th keep seemin' t'wonder back in when I'm not lookin'. Thinin' out their numba's though as less keep comin' back an' it seems with Cocoon crystaled up, there's no more of this crystal snow 'appenin'.

[The device is moved slightly so that Cocoon can be seen a bit better in the far off distance.]

Funny seein' it from th' outside.

EVENT: Where are we now?

  • Feb. 24th, 2012 at 1:20 PM
[Pick a place, any place in the Locations list. Your character will wake up there or suddenly appear there. You have a communicator and the clothing on your back. Remember, the sky is gloomy and gray, nothing is "living" but nothing is "dead" either. ]