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[Shakes the hell out of his device!] Will you just work!

[Because he shook the device, you can hear his voice extremely loud.]

Does anyone know where I am? [He tries doing what others have been doing, showing off his location. He shows the Academia building.]

Someone is also confusing me for someone else...
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[Was fiddling with the device. It looks a lot like the one she used to use on her own world to communicate with her friends. Nearly drops it in surprise at Snowe's shout.]

I think yours is working just fine!

[Examining his location.] You're in a city called Academia. I'm in the same place, I'm looking at that building right now.
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Not gonna be a licka 'elp t'ya. Know the place but don't know much about it. [Lucky guy, you caught her during a break from killing cie'th.]
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Re: Voice/Video

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Not terribly close. It's just awfully hard to miss. I'm heading towards it now.
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Fang, you?