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[The video clicks on and a hand is moving out of the frame again just like last time, it's not meant to go to any one person as Fang's only figured out how to do general broadcasting at this point. The video is aimed out into the 'village square' sort of area. You can see the windmill spinning easily in front/slightly to the right and off to the left is the other house. To the far right is the path that leads down to the old school house and docking areas. From what you can put together, it seems like someone's up pretty high up and if you've been there, you'll notice that the house where you found Bhakti in isn't in the shot. It's a pretty safe bet that Fang's sitting up on top of it considering the angle you're looking at everything from. (1:33 gives you a good look at the area). Once again, Fang keeps herself off screen, remaining out of the shot.]

Managed t'get quite a few out but Cie'th keep seemin' t'wonder back in when I'm not lookin'. Thinin' out their numba's though as less keep comin' back an' it seems with Cocoon crystaled up, there's no more of this crystal snow 'appenin'.

[The device is moved slightly so that Cocoon can be seen a bit better in the far off distance.]

Funny seein' it from th' outside.


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[The silence was deafening this time, the noise of Fang's grip tightening on the lance set her on edge. The soldier herself was tense, muscles twitching in protest, pain settling in from all the strain. Then Fang told her later, and she released a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. Later was fine, it would give her time to sort things out more.]

Fine, later then. [And that was that, Lightning's sudden wavering loyalty would be put under fire later. Right now, both of them had something more important to do. Serah'd been gone long enough at this point, and she had to go find her in this maze of a city.]