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ライトニング {A.U} ([personal profile] levitascado) wrote in [community profile] gran_comm 2012-02-26 11:46 am (UTC)


[Lightning wouldn't look at the device, she didn't want to see Fang's expression. It was a sore topic, the fact that Etro had dragged her away from everything she cared about and stuck her in Valhalla, bound here there to fight a war that wasn't actually hers to begin with. She had, though, because she knew what was at stake....and now she'd gone and admitted it.]

Right. [The tone was quiet, unsure...she'd hit a nerve and she knew it. Half of her wanted to snap at the other woman, ask her if she was going to evade the topic...and the other half just wanted to forget it all. Just go back to the life she had before it was all ripped away from her.]

So...that's it...no questions at all?

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