notevenfate: (Fight)
Oerba Yun Fang ([personal profile] notevenfate) wrote in [community profile] gran_comm 2012-02-26 11:40 am (UTC)


[Fang's jaw locked up at the admission. Etro was known to her as a cruel goddess, trying to dispose of l'Cie... It didn't make any sense that Lightning would... serve her. Eyes narrowed at Lightning now instead of the more generalized narrowing that had been done moments ago. Her intense stare would be held on the other woman silently. Jaw shifting eyes fell away from Lightning back out over to something in the distance. What words were there in a moment like this? Fingers gripped the lance and brought it up and around, Fang shifted in her seat, picking up the communicator, as if she was making to turn it off.]

Think I've 'ad enough of'a rest for now. [Her voice was a bit low at first.]

Gotta get back t'clearin' out Cie'th. [This sentence was stronger, normal sounding even.]

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