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Sephiroth Saevam ([personal profile] shinras_puppet) wrote in [community profile] gran_comm 2012-03-04 10:18 pm (UTC)


No longer... on... Gaia?

[Any belief he had left on his face has now vanished. Not even drugs usually make someone hallucinate quite that badly. She's either completely believeing this or a seriously good actress. Now he just wants to know which.]

Ripped from my timeline... what is that even supposed to me... you know what? Never mind. I do not have time for this. How do I get back to Midgar? It is important.

[He does look upwards though, expecting very little, what he does see, well, the device falls to the ground with a large sound. Even the almost unshockable General wasn't prepared for a sight like -that-. He doesn't pick the device up again and it's rather obvious his next words aren't aimed at Yeul.]

What... in the name of Shiva...

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