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Oerba Yun Fang ([personal profile] notevenfate) wrote in [community profile] gran_comm 2012-02-26 09:11 am (UTC)


[That's is Light, let's talk about something else. The video shifts, like Fang is setting the device down on something. By the looks of smooth skin and a bit of fur pelt and blue sari, it seems like the device has been settled in her lap but it's still aimed out towards the windmill of the town square.]

Good. She missed ya. Sure it was a 'appy reunion. [Fang's trying not to think about the fact that she has no idea where Vanille is right now for one thing... Because she doesn't and every time she does think about it she starts internally panicking a little... But... Vanille has to be in the pillar. She... Has to.]

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