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Oerba Yun Fang ([personal profile] notevenfate) wrote in [community profile] gran_comm 2012-02-26 11:54 am (UTC)


[Fang's jaw tightened again, teeth locking together for a moment and the noise of her grip tightening hard and twisting on the arm of the lance could audibly be heard. A habit generally only reserved for the most heated of battles or when she'd been in great depths of distress and anger. Silence again reigned supreme for a few moments.]

Lata'. [The single word would say it all. There would be questions but... Fang wasn't sure she could handle this on top of all the other things she was struggling with right at this moment.]

When ya within sluggin' distance, we'll talk. [There was something there, almost the faintest hint of a possible joke... Even if it wasn't one. It'd buy Fang time for now, she wasn't expecting to see much of anyone for a bit still as they all probably had more important people to be meeting up with... And that ache for Vanille kicked up inside of her, making her further feel an internal struggle of grasping at straws.]

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