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EVENT: Where are we now?

[Pick a place, any place in the Locations list. Your character will wake up there or suddenly appear there. You have a communicator and the clothing on your back. Remember, the sky is gloomy and gray, nothing is "living" but nothing is "dead" either. ]
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accidental action/voice

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[Silence was met when she opened her eyes. An intake of breath, Zelda pinched the bridge of her nose, the sudden spell of sleep gone. Pushing herself up from the ground, she looked around and took in the desolation that had settled upon this place. Pillars askew, protruding from the ground like forgotten giants, marked the landscape.

This scenery brought to mind of the now ruined Temple of Time in the woods not far off Hyrule Castle. However, as ruined as it was, the temple could not compare to the vastness she now stood in. It was only now, as she took in her surroundings, did she realise a device was held in her hand. Curious, she turned it over and saw that it was a form of technology she had never seen before.

Even curiouser, she pressed one of the buttons and the thing illuminated, the glow of the screen relfected in her pupils.]

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[Apollo was just day dreaming about his next case when he was all but lost! Yuck, these buildings and scenery were so dull. That's when he noticed his snazzy new phone! Playing with the buttons, he saw a pretty weird girl.]


Where's the party?