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EVENT: Where are we now?

[Pick a place, any place in the Locations list. Your character will wake up there or suddenly appear there. You have a communicator and the clothing on your back. Remember, the sky is gloomy and gray, nothing is "living" but nothing is "dead" either. ]
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Couldn't cum ova' 'ere one every ten years or so an' leave some fresh sheets, Light? [Yes, she's razzing you. Her voice has that tone to it.]

Pulsian tradition dictated leavin' new things in the temple where those in crystal stasis were every ten years an' their gifts were a lot betta' than sheets. [Yes, she just had to point that out, thank you very much.]

'Sides [The device shifts like it's being picked up and then suddenly drops, it sounds like Fang jumped off of something and you can guess she probably did by the sudden cloud of dust swooping up with a low landing type of grunt. There was a flash of blue sari and brown sandal before the camera is pointed down towards the ground again, being aimed at the dust.]

This is jus' bad for everyone.


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[She set her jaw, her teeth grinding. Goddess this woman infuriated her sometimes.]

I couldn't. [The tone was as clipped as the words, and the camera drops away from her face, displaying her dismal...broken down surroundings. She was rather stuck, so, sorry about your lack of sheets or pretty trinkets, Fang.]

I'm coming to you. [Still more clipped words, but the scenery shifts and her boots can be heard clacking against the stone tile.]
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[The video panned around the nearby parts of Oerba easily, as if Fang was letting people look around with her. A shambling cie'th could be seen not too far off in the distance.]

Think ya got more important places t'go first. [Fang remembers Light disappearing into thin air. Recalls watching Serah be upset that Light wasn't around and cursing Snow for running off. Her and Vanille really could see just about everything from that pillar.]

Go find ya sista' Light. I'll be 'ere. [The device is set down on something and it sounds like Fang's shifting about her gear.]


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[She released a low hiss at the sight of the Cie'th. She wasn't surprised, but she wasn't happy about it either.]

I know, I'm going to. [Then she was going to get Fang, and they where going to talk...and things would move on from there. Maybe the others where here as well, somewhere...]
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[The low creek of leather and swishing of the sari stops, the noise her hands make when her grip shifts on Kain's Lance can be heard.]

Good, then stop yappin' at me. I've got cie'th t'kill. [Fang's voice is more stern now, the communicator shifts around for a bit before it seems to be clipped to her belt.]

'Sides, sure ya got more impotant things t'do. [And now the direction that cie'th was in? Yup, Fang seems to be running in that direction.]


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[She huffs, but she gets it.]

Fine, don't over do it. [And with one final glance at the communicator she shuts it off, going back to her search for a way out.]