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EVENT: Where are we now?

[Pick a place, any place in the Locations list. Your character will wake up there or suddenly appear there. You have a communicator and the clothing on your back. Remember, the sky is gloomy and gray, nothing is "living" but nothing is "dead" either. ]
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Serah? Light...? Wow wow wow, wait a sec', Light's here? You too? What is it, undead peoples day?

[ Yup, gotta be the afterlife. No other explanation. It's more logical for him and the others to have died than for them to come back to life. Alright, this still makes no sense and Fang doesn't seem to give a damn, but that's how Fang is. Figures. He guess she's fighting monsters of something Cieh'th like from what he sees. ]

Well, if ya ask me, here looks a lot like good old Pulse.

[ How swell, the afterlife is a Pulse-like plane. Whoever designed the universe probably had a wonderful sense of humor. ]

...Makes no sense.
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Alive an' breathin'. [Crystalized does not equal dead Sazh, thank you very much. At his commentary about what the place looks like, her forward movement stops.]

Looks th' part yea. Doesn't feel it though. [That was the hard part to explain.]

It doesn't but don't think we got time t'make sense of it, not until we're all in one place again.
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What daya mean by "doesn't feel it"?

[ ... He'd like, he'd even love to be able to be as "relaxed" as her. He just sighs though and nods. ]

Guess you've a point, but I don't see Dajh anywhere around and... I just hope we'll make sense of it soon enough.

[ As tempting as the idea is, he doesn't want to consider this to be the after-life. Not yet. Would it be only to have the hope his son is alive. ]
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Re: Voice/Video

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Sumthin's off. [Damn it Sazh, she can't explain it. Can't you tell? Light picked up on it.]

Sure we'll make sense of sumthin'. [Not even a flinch even though... She's none too happy on the inside right now.]