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Video/voice/anyone watching and/or listening.

[The video comes on as the sound of a breath of air releasing is heard. Whoever just got the device to function is obviously feeling somewhat accomplished by the act. At first it just shows ground and then deliberately it is lifted up so he can look directly into the lens, at least from a little distance.]

Is anyone out there to hear me? I am in need of assistance. Location is... unknown. I realise that sounds dumb but...

[He sighs softly, a shake of the head accompanying the sound, taking a moment to compose himself properly, before turning his attention to the device again.]

I will gain an idea shortly, in the meantime, it would be useful to know if I am the only one here or not... anyone receiving this message please respond.

[There's obviously plenty more he'd like to say and do but without knowing if anyones there or not, he decides to end the broadcast in the hope that someone will respond.]
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Re: Voice/video

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[The feed abruptly changes to a view of the cloudy sky and tall buildings above as the device slips out of Aerith's grip. Is he just acting? Is he trying to trick her into letting her guard down? That doesn't seem like a trick Sephiroth would pull. But what are the other explanations? Either he doesn't remember, or...for this Sephiroth, none of it has happened yet. For now, she'll keep talking to him, but keep her guard up.]

[She picks up the device again. Mumbles.] S-sorry. A little clumsy today.

[Takes a deep breath and tries to smile.] Yes, I know Zack. He's...very special to me. My name's Aerith.