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Video/Voice to everyone, Fang has yet to master single person broadcasts.

[There's a kick of static and a few seconds of distortion before the video is in rapid movement, shifting around this way and that like someone was trying to do something with the stupid thing before it's righted and oh, hey look, there's Fang. Yup, she's facing the camera head on, first thing today instead of letting it's view linger other places like the previous times.]

'ey Serah, Light's out 'ere in Oerba with me. [Fang pauses, taking a glance over her shoulder briefly, almost like she just heard something.]

Made sure she patched 'erself up afta' gettin' out 'ere so don't worry 'bout that, yea? Seems like Sazh is around 'ere too. [Fang looks like she's about to say something else for a split second before the thought vanishes.]

Lemme know if ya see anyone else we know, eh? [Her tone's a bit more solemn for that sentence however, at least in comparison to the semi-light sounding tone she'd been taking for the previous quips.]
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Re: Video/Voice

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I am not sure, it is a sacred, dead place. It is off limits to many, but I cannot see fault with your presence there considering it is your home town.
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Re: Video/Voice

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It is a pleasure to meet one of the daughters myself. I apologize, I have no intention on forcing you out. It is just very strange to have visitors there.
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Re: Video/Voice

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Why do you say this?