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accidental video/voice

[When the device clicks on, there's nothing but a blur of motion and color. It's obvious that the owner of said device doesn't know it's on, and is in the middle of a very intense battle. There's a flash of red and claws and a loud cry of pain.]

I am not your lunch!

[The view shifts violently suddenly and a loud crack of thunder is heard moments later. Then things grow silent, the owner of the device coming to a stop. She sighs and shifts walking away.]

Now, before something else tries to kill me.

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If ya don't stop an' 'eal yaself I'm gonna try t'kill ya. [Yeah, Fang heard that Light and she looks none too happy.]
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[Fang's not playing the hiding game this time. It seems like she's taking a break from the mess she's been getting herself into daily and right now she's got a hard look.]

'eal yaself. [The words are direct, stern, almost command like.]
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Doesn't matta' when ya out on the steppe. Even a small wound will be the death of ya if ya run into the wrong things. [Fang's dead serious about this. She knows Gran Pulse, it's her home. Hell, even she'd be pretty unlikely to run around the steppe all willy-nilly. Fang will remain silent for a few moments, waiting for that bright green aura to shift about.]
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Then don't be- [Fang's cut off suddenly with a hard grunt and the device falls and skitters across the ground, when it comes to a stop Fang's feet are quickly scrambling out of the shot as a shambling cie'th swings at her, you can figure, again by the slight amount of blood on it's massive 'hand'. A bunch of the rock arms, are giving chase as Fang's moving away to regain her head from that hit she just took.]

Com'mon ya lazy buncha rocks! That the best ya can do?! [She can be heard yelling at them off camera and before long she's in the thick of it with the lot of creatures, taking hits left and right, making attacking hard, though it seems like she's... sort of used to it by the evading and counter attacking she's managing, working through the smaller ones first with hard slashes and decimating thrusts of the spears ends she she disassembles it into it's three sections.]
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[Fang's too busy fighting cie'th and half getting her ass kicked right now to listen to you Light. These monsters were meant to be taken on by a team, not by an individual person, like Fang has been doing. Though admittedly, most of the time she's been getting preemptive strikes on them, which makes these fights far easier. Of course she's gotta switch between sentinel (mediaguard) and commando a lot while getting rid of the arms, and then even throws in a little saboteur (deprotect) when she's down to just the shambling cie'th finally. The fight takes minutes instead of the seconds her, Light and Vanille could have cleared it in and by the end Fang's clearly been beaten bloody. She's still standing though, even if she's breathing pretty hard. Taking a moment to catch her breath and collect her head while leaning heavily on her lance a glance is then taken around, making sure there's no more threats in the immediate area before sorely making her way over to the communicator and picking it off the ground.

The back of her hand wipes at the busted lip.]

Stupid. [Yup... That had been the end of her sentence.]
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[Fang is just... You know what. Forget it. The communicator is clipped to her belt and she's going to be looking a nice place up high again where no cie'th can bash her over the head unexpectedly, cause, well, ow. Sighing heavily she'll sit, reaching up to scratch at the back of her head, some hair matted with blood and a grimace crosses her face for a split second as fingers brush against a wound on her head.]

Jus' be careful, yea?